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Online Preschool

Academics: Academics

50 Minute LIVE daily Lessons
Monthly Shipment of Supplies
Small Class Size

Our program is focused on building the fundamental skills necessary for academic success.  We accomplish this with highly experienced teachers, small class sizes and hands-on exciting activities every day.  Give us 5 days to show you how much fun learning can be!

Monthly Activity Box

Not only does the activity box make it effortless for parents to prepare for class, our students are truly excited each month for their box to arrive as they look forward the fun and exciting learning activities that await them that month.

Each activity box includes nearly everything that your student will need for class as well as supplementary reading materials (i.e. books).   There are a few exceptions for items that are too difficult to ship such as water, vinegar and food coloring.  You will receive weekly lesson plans from your teacher which will include the items you need to have ready from the box making it a breeze to prepare for class.

Your first activity box will also include a few items that we will use throughout the year such as: journals, a white board with markers, crayons and pencils, glue stick, scissors, and a small activity tray.   If enrolling after September, these items will be shipped separately and included in your registration fee.


Colorful Handprints for Child


Learn2Grow Preschool is focused on developing your child's academic skills to best prepare them for Kindergarten.  Our goal is for the student to grow academically but to have a blast at the same time.  We accomplish this by incorporating each of the elements below in a way that reinforces the age appropriate learning objectives for that class. 

Examples of the specific skills our online preschool curriculum will work to build and master are listed below.  As you can see from the guidance the CDC has posted here, our program significantly exceeds these guidelines while also recognizing that each child matures and develops at their own pace.  Keeping our classroom size small allows for the opportunity to make decisions on the fly that accommodate each students learning style.


Letters & Sounds

We incorporate letter recognition and sounds into nearly every aspect of class as its forms the foundation of literacy.  Developing these skills give our students a great advantage for Kindergarten.  In the course of a school year, will will cover the entire alphabet (lower and uppercase).

Pre-Reading Skills

Story time is critical for both building vocabulary and recognizing sight words.  Choosing engaging books is a must and we have a vast library that your teacher will tailor to each specific lesson.  As letter sounds are mastered, we will incorporate blending of sounds to make words.


Numbers & Counting

Recognizing numbers and their concepts are introduced via hands on activities.  Students will learn patterns, order, addition and an introduction to subtraction.


Our weekly science experiments are very hands on and something our students certainly get excited for.  Experiments explore aspects such as fluids, mixing, reactions and plant growth. Doing science projects in class also builds fine motor skills, communication and cause and effect.

Paper Airplane


Ensuring your child is using proper pencil grip is paramount and we will focus on mastering this.  While we continue to work on this, our handwriting curriculum will teach students letter formation, building words and ultimately sentences.  

Music & Movement

Music and movement is used as an exciting brain break for our students letting them get up and sing, dance and move.   It also helps develop gross motor skills and keeps kids engaged.

Musical Note
Paint and Canvas


Art is used extensively to keep kids engaged and having fun while letting them express themselves.  The majority our activities focus on introducing STEM themed concepts that build the foundation of a lifetime of learning. 

Class Schedule


Each day of the week has its own learning theme where we emphasize a specific topic. This allows for more class time to incorporate fun, interactive activities and provides a routine that helps students become comfortable and engaged.


On Monday's we hone our math skills with numbers and counting.


Tuesday's are used to focus on literacy related activities.


Science Wednesday's are always fun with experiments!


Art Thursday's are when we can explore our creativeness.


Hooray it's Fun Friday!  Learning games, show & tell and more!

Available Class Times

Colorful Handprints for Child

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