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Activity Box

Not only does the activity box make it effortless for parents to prepare for class, our students are truly excited each month for their box to arrive as they look forward the fun and exciting learning activities that await them that month.

Each activity box includes nearly everything that your student will need for class as well as supplementary reading materials (i.e. books).   There are a few exceptions for items that are too difficult to ship such as water, vinegar and food coloring.  You will receive weekly lesson plans from your teacher which will include the items you need to have ready from the box making it a breeze to prepare for class.

Your first activity box will also include a few items that we will use throughout the year such as: journals, a white board with markers, crayons and pencils, glue stick, scissors, and a small activity tray.   If enrolling after September, these items will be shipped separately and included in your registration fee.


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